Welcome to Simulations.com

Simulations.com has been run by educators since the domain was first purchased.  At that time it was called Educational Simulations.  We are still educators at heart, and in reality as well, but our goals are changing.

We are working on a number of simulations designed for teachers and student.  They will be supported by physical and digital resources.  The first simulation to go public will be “Creating a Classroom Country.”   This simulation will immerse students in the construction of their own country filled with laws, a judicial system, their own government, and an economic reality.  It is a virtual mini-world  within which the teacher will teach their curriculum.

This will be one part of a larger project directed by a new public service foundation being formed called,  Simulations Foundation.  This foundation will take an active role in supporting all manners of simulations that can positively impact us personally, our community, our country and the planet.  We are very excited about this new venture and you are invited to join us as we move forward.

For more information contact us at information@simulations.com